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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Busy Schedule

I'm taking a super quick break from our hectic schedule this week to report on a couple of things I've heard.

First - It appears CCA@ will allocate up til 23 Feb 2006.... which means we're in! Still not convinced til I get that call... last month the rumours were sposed to bring about a 20th Feb cut off... that didn't happen, and it wasn't confirmed til about 2 days after people received their allocations.

Secondly - Apparently, its been confirmed by several US agencies that as of 1st Jan 2009, the orphanage donation will increase from US$3,000 to CNY35,000 which = AUS$7,735
I can't tell you how p!ssed off I am. How can they do that? Jack the donation up by over US$2,000 and we're sposed to come up with that in a month?!!! I know we can do it. We will beg borrow and steal to get it... but it's beside the point. SURELY, it would be a friggin' courtesy to give families at least 12 months notice on such a huge increase? It's almost double what it was before.

I need a friggin stiff drink, let me tell ya!

Where's that coffee.

The kids finish school, for the year on Thurs, then we have 6 weeks of blissful holidays! Yay!

**EDIT: I've just come home from the kid's "Presentation Night". Each child is awarded a Character Trait Certificate. I just love this night. I love to see, what our teachers have seen in our children all year.
Miss M received "Ingenuity" ~ Inventive talent for making and doing things; lateral thinking.
H-Man recieved "Sincerity" ~ The quality or state of being sincere; honest of mind; free from hypocrisy. Honest unaffectedness, lack of pretension.
(Oh yeah, and my son is DEFINITELY MY son. He puked about 2 mins. before he went up to receive his certificate. That's my boy!!!)**

A short message to Mr Stork:


Sam said...

YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!! I'm so thrilled for you!!!! It's about freakin' time!!!!!

Jen said...

I hope that we can really jump up and down soon! I'm anxious to have these rumors confirmed!!!!!! And yep, it stinks about the increase. I'm with ya!

Ava's family said...

If wish that stork would pick up some speed already! Geesh!

Regarding the donation increase.....I've just been planning that we would be paying the increased fee along. I mean, OF COURSE it would effect us....This whole process has gone that way since we started! 6 month wait....BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!

PIPO said...

Bring on the bird! Hurry up, dude. It's Mini...she/he isn't heavy!!

Okay, maybe we can look at the donation increase this way, (Consider it my effort to be a non-sucko.) Perhaps if we HAD been able to meet in China and have a little shoppy moment, 2000 is what we would have spent. So, since that isn't going to happen now (DRAT) we are covered.

Okay, so that was a crock of ape caca. But, I'm trying. Yep, the increase does not make my tight-budgeted self feel any better but, WTH, I'll just dig that hole a little deeper. 'Anything for my kid' is the way I have to look at it.

Sandy said...

Saw the R3 on Rumor Queen and had to pop over here to say I'm so very excited for you!!! Hang in there, not long now until you see your daughter!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Man, could that stork be flying any slower.. I tell ya. I'll be checking in again later today and every day this week until I see your sweet girls face.

Janet said...


Kay Bratt said...

I agree that the orphanage fee hike really bites. Especially when I know that each donation doesn't seem to affect the living conditions the children bear from year to year.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You would think with the increase of fees we could get some more referrals..
6 Weeks...
Must be nice..
I want to come over there..
Hugs girly..
You will see your little one soon..

Chelley said...

ok I so past peeing my pants and onto something else LOL I am waking up in the morning and runing to the computer to see if there is any news.......

Wooohooo on the awards they are so cool!

will you guys be ok with getting the extra money togther? maybe we could hold a raffle or something?

Abby's Mom said...

Yay! I can't wait to see your good news! Come on Stork! Hurry up aready :)

amy said...

I agree, should have had more time..

on the other hand, looking forward to hearing your news

Alyson and Ford said...

Where is that bird????

Alyzabeth's Mommy!