"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Friday, 5 December 2008


I don't really have any new news, but thought I'd give you all a quick "Adoption Protocol Rundown - Australia Style"!!!

First up, I did email my agency yesterday, begging for a call when the files arrive, and did get a response - it's not going to happen! Our agency is very thorough - and our file must be approved by the agency first, before they ring us... otherwise its not "ethical". I was a bit bummed... but hey, what can you do?

Here's our process:
* Send in an "expression of interest" - basically noting preferences for child's sex, age & country
*Go to an information session
* Go to a weekend "educational" - get all learned up on racism, different countries, prodecures
* Do homestudy - they like to do it over 3 visits - ours did it in one, thank the Lord, as she didn't write our report for 3 months
* Do police checks, medicals and financial reports from accountant
* Put file together - include photos and other official paperwork
* Submit file, file then goes before a review board, to be approved and registered with our Govt
* File is sent to China, once there are at least 4 family files
* Wait. No ringing agency, no ringing China. Just wait.
* Registration last for 3 years - so its highly likely you'll need to re-register. (re-do police checks, medicals and update finances)
* Finally, after several years of waiting, you'll get a phonecall! (that is, as long as you're not in the old folks home yet!!!) The phone call comes, once the file has been translated and approved.
* Make appointment to go into agency to go through file
* Hold file for 48 hours before agency will accept decision
* Acceptance, or non-acceptance is sent straight back to China
* Agency contacts Australian Consulate, makes appointment - then all other travel arrangements work 2 weeks forward from that date
* Book flights, and all other arrangements are made by a Travel Service in China

.... live happily ever after!!

Yes, I stopped after "get child!" There is more official stuff after that... but who cares - you have the child, right?!!!

So, in light of our procedures - I'm guess-timating that the files will arrive either today (Fri) or Mon-Tues, next week. I'm thinking we'll get a phone call next Friday? The kids will be off school then, and I was just thinking - how exciting it will be that we'll be all together as a family when we see our Mini. (once US referrals start rolling in, I think we'll be approx. a week after that)

Of course... all this is purely speculation - we don't know when the cut-off is. I'm assuming. (Mr T always tells me, not to assume... it makes an ASS outta U and ME!!!)

I hope I'm not an ass.


Briana's Mom said...

This is getting EXCITING!!!!!!

PIPO said...

Well, honey-luv and partner in sheep-shagging crime, I AM an ass. I really think the cutoff will be the 23rd if only to jack up the two of us meeting in one room in China!

At this point, I promise you I will stand on my deck in the cold and sing the Australian national anthem if 2-24 makes it. I'll even FLIP it for your personal pleasure ;0)

Hopefully, gazing at your lovely kiddo's face will spare any attention to those other matters!

I can hardly wait for the details.

Ava's family said...

I don't think you're an ass. You're in!! If you're not then I will sing on MY deck in the freezing cold any song you wish (the shorter the better) while NAKED!! That's how certain I am! =)

sea star said...

I do believe you are in! If not, I will stand in my street and sing 'Country Roads'. I'll even Flip it for your viewing pleasure.

I do believe that Pipo has started something!

Catherine said...

Oh what a long week that will be but the reward at the end is YOUR DAUGHTER!! Wheee!!!

Let the countdown begin!

Jenn said...

Well, I don't sing and can't open my video camera until Christmas so I guess I'm off the hook... I hope that time flies by for you! You are so IN!!!! Can't wait!!!

Lisa and Tate said...

You are IN!!! If not I will get buck naked, and sing "like a virgin" in the freezing rocky moutains of Utah.... Oh, got to buy a flip first!!!

Brandi-Lee said...

Oh wow!! I can just see you next week.
Lots of "at home activities" for the kids, so you can stay close to that phone!
That phone call is something so beautiful, you can't even describe it, I've got butterflies for you just thinking about it!