"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Saturday, 2 February 2008


Yay! Its Saturday! I thoroughly enjoyed my 930am sleep-in! Geez, getting back into "school" routine is hard! AND H-man's teacher's routine is backward to his teacher last year! Last year, they did their good mornings, then we were straight into reading. This year, the teacher does the good mornings, then straight into singing! Reading isn't til 230pm... and I keep forgetting, to go in early! And trust me... H-man is one little man that DEFINITELY needs to be practicing his reading! So it's alotta "new" this year... one could even get all carried away and extend that to ~ "new member of the family"?!! Dare I think such a thing!!!

Saturday means Miss Saigon! I can't wait! Will report later!

No, Mr T hasn't been on any of my land search expeditions! Like Lisa & Chelley, I prefer to collect the "good stuff" then present it! I've found (yet another) "perfect" property, this one actually has a substantial house already on it - it just isn't finished yet! Do I have the energy to be painting, tiling etc? But here's the clincher, its on a huge piece of land - SO if the house doesn't suit us - I can build another one, and rent out the existing house - OR we have a family member who may need to move, so they could live there, with us next door - put in a "community pool"? Oh yeah, and the land is reasonably flat (very slight slope, I think) And its an excellent price. BUT (yes there's always a BUT) I've not gone to see it, but looking at the map - it's right in the hills - and with H-Man the Chuck-Man, I'm not sure we'd get to school chuck free?!!

Sorry for boring you with my thoughts. One of the main reasons I love blogging is, when I type my thoughts out, I see things clearer?!! Yes, I'm a nutjob...but if you're reading this, does that make you more of a nutjob?!!

Oh and I forgot to say... now pics of the office - did I say it was clean? Maybe I used the wrong words, it is de-cluttered... sort of!!! My desk is never free of clutter and paper etc. When I work I need to have the important stuff (tax paper work that needs to be submitted on a deadline etc) in front of me. So I have a pin board and pieces of paper stuck all over the cupboards above my desk. Yes, it looks horribly untidy - but I'll forget stuff if its in a drawer or a folder!! So I won't be posting any pics. Just take my word for it - it is laid out alot better.


Headmeister said...

Ok wait - it's still Friday here! LOL!!!

Can't wait to hear about Miss Saigon!!!

Janet said...

Yep. I'm a nutjob. NO mistaking it, I totally am.

Chelley said...

Can't wait to hear about Miss Saigon!!! I have heard so many GREAT things about it!!!

WE are a NUT FREE home!!!

But doesnt mean that I am not a nutcase!

Ava's family said...

Sounds like a great property. If it were me, I'd rent the other house out to NON family members! I can't think of anyone in MY family that I'd want THAT close! =)

Happy Saturday...Or is it now Sunday there?! =)