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Sunday, 3 February 2008

Vietman to China

Went to Miss Saigon show last night, IT.WAS.AMAZING!

Now, I'd better tell you that I've never been to "the theatre" before! Yes, I've lived a sheltered life!

The stage was smaller than I expected - I thought it'd be wider. It was big... I just thought it'd be bigger!

The talent was absolutely amazing. The power and the passion in which they performed, actually gave me goosbumps! I teared-up a few times. It was such a compelling, involving story. Toward the end, they played a scene in which they flashed photos & video footage from orphanages after the war, in the 70s, so many children. Children born to vietnamese girls, with Soldier fathers. They sang a song "How can we forget them, they are our children"... that one made me cry.

It was just brilliant.

Recent rumours report of: up to26 Dec 2005 file Families are receiving Referrals. 28th Dec 2005, not included. CC.AA allocated up until 19 Dec 2005 last month ~ making 7-8 days worth of files being allocated this month.

From 26 Dec - 22 Feb, there are 58 days. Divided by the 7 days allocated = approx 8 months til we see our referral (IF CC.AA continue to allocate min. 7 days per month)... Could October 2008, be our month? If they've allocated up until 27 Dec, divide by 8 days = approx 7 months til allocation. Of course, this is all hyperthetical, and not taking the Olympics into consideration.

Congratulations to the New Families! May your children be safe, warm and have a full belly.


i-Con said...

Glad you loved it. I saw it a number of years back. I'm not a frequent theatre-goer but really...I love it so I'm not sure why (aside from I hate wearing itchy clothes to the theatre) ;)

cougchick said...

This makes me want to go see it.

Lisa and Tate said...

I saw Ms Saigon on Broadway in NYC. This was my first ever NYC broadway show... It was so specatular and so worth seeing.

This month's LID made me do the happy dance. I really think you will see Bella's face sooner than you figure. According to RQ polls, Feb is a small month and remember Feb has two weeks that the CCAA closed down. I just might be being hopeful, but it is exciting that we can actually think we will see referrals this year!


krj said...

WOW, there is at last LIGHT at the end of the tunnel for you!!

Briana's Mom said...

You will see your baby this year! Yippee!!

I would love to see Miss Saigon.