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Friday, 1 February 2008

Bad blogga

I've been a bad blogga! It's been so busy this week, for a number of reasons... none, a very good excuse though!!!

No new developments in the "moving" saga. It keeps me awake at night... thinking. Oh, to live in a beautiful, leafy, country setting, and still be 10 mins from the city. I've taken a couple of trips (it is a "trip" from our house!) to have a squiz at some land. Who would'a thought, that living in the hills - all the land is so darn steep?!!! LOL! I'm so used to living on "the flat" as it's affectionately known here. So now I dream how you can get a house... and swimming pool, on a steep block! I saw a beautiful block today, it has the most amazing view (it overlooks a nature reserve, thick with gum trees - and gum trees mean koalas!)... but it was steep - not nose bleed steep, but steep enough to make my calves hurt by the time I walked to the top of the block! BUT because it was steep (I should say, Not Flat... it doesn't sound so bad!), it was cheap! So cheap in fact, that if we bought the block, built a HUGE house on it, and a pool - we'd be freehold (after selling our current home). When I think about living there, I think about H Man riding his quad... on this block he'd go a squillion miles an hour, and end up at the bottom of the reserve, in 2 seconds... that is if he manages to miss all the trees!!!

H-Man has enjoyed his first week in Grade One. Probably because they haven't done any "real" work yet!!! Miss M is loving Grade 5, and her new teacher, is young & hip ~ Miss M adores her. She wrote Miss M (and all the other classmates) a little letter during the holidays, saying she hopes she had a great time in the holidays, and looks forward to having her in her class. It was really sweet. She also sent a little eraser.

Its been a crazy week for work - I actually had to do some! I've been putting so many things off during the school holidays! Last night, I got fed up with the pig-sty my office was in, and pulled everything off the shelves & out of the filing cabinet and moved all the furniture around! I love my "new look". But I was wondering why I was all a bit stiff and sore when I got up this morning?!!


Emma said...

Hrmmm so where r u in Adelaide at the moment??? Just asking cos I'll be doing a flying visit next month for work. Will only be there overnight though, and I still haven't found out where I'm being put up. I assume it will be somewhere in or around the city. (Now you're gonna tell me you live way out in the 'burbs, right?!)

A new place does sound beautiful, but getting a pool on a steep block sounds like a bit of a task! We have some very steep vacant land on the Sunshine Coast and it has been somewhat of a nightmare getting a builder who can do what we want within budget. Oh.. if only we were bazillionaires!

Chelley said...

Ah but have you got Mr T on board for a new house?? hehe or are you like me and do all the research frist then present all the plans with a wink and a smile!!!!

Gal you are so lucky! My kiddlets dont start school till next wednesday?!?!?!?!?!? And I am opss THEy are so ready to go back!!!

You watch when you go to find something in your office and you wont be able to find it now as it will be too clean!!!

Ava's family said...

Also wondering if the T-man also took a tour of the new property?
When we or I should say "I" found the house we're living in now....I looked at several homes (without Jeff) and only took him to the home I wanted. I kept telling him.....Trust me, you WILL love it! He did. =)

Chelley said...

neh neh your it you have been tagged by me!!!

ooh btw loved the scrapbook page u did on top!

Doris & Dan said...

Think how in shape your legs would be if you walked up and down that incline!?!

Keep smilin!

rubyiscoming said...

As we are going through a move right now, just be SURE you want to go!!! Although, I agree with Doris - anything to make my calves look better - haha :)

Good luck with your decision!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

What.. no pictures of the new office. ;-)

The new place sounds lovely I guess if you like to climb steep places. I can say however that I love living in the country just minutes from civilization. :0) The best of both worlds if you ask me.

Janet said...

Busy, busy lady, you are!

Cleaned your office? WHERE ARE THE PICTURES? :-)

i-Con said...

Whew...u got enough going on these days. I just love your writing Ms. Squiz ;0)

How steep is the steep? That sounds like an interesting situation. Glad I don't have to mow any of that steep business!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I think you should buy!