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Monday, 4 February 2008

Speaking Aussie!

I had an email a while ago, from a lovely American lady, asking me why I called myself OziMum?!

I thought this was hilarious, as I thought it was very obvious... apparently not!!! No, I'm not a fan of Ozzy Osbourn, or Ozzie the Ostrich that used to be on Australian TV! Ozi, is the sound that Aussie makes! The American lady was quite amazed as she pronounced Aussie as O-see!

I did make a little video of me, giving a "how to speak Australian" lesson... but for some reason my (cheap a$$) camera made me sound like I had a lisp. I'm pretty sure I don't have a lisp... but maybe I do, and have never noticed?!!! So I'm not showing the video. Plus I look hideous, I haven't washed my hair for 3 days (keep the straightening to a minimum!) and I was "shiny" coz it's hot!!!

Hopefully, I've cleared up some "missed in translation" issues... I'm an Ozi. Not an Osee. Here in Australia, we just make our own rules up, about language! No wonder my kids have some much trouble spelling?!!!


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Yep it is true... they call us O-see... I have had to teach Mike it is NOT that... I have told him to think of the Wizard of 'OZ'... or think of 'Ozzy' Osbourne... the things we do... some say I have lost some of the accent... that is cause over here I need to 'translate' and really pronounce some of the 'R's... lucky those at work know what I am saying (for the most part)... sometimes it can be funny and other times - annoying! Though everyone likes me to talk... argh! Oh... that block of land sounds nice... bushfires - gotta take the good with the bad.

i-Con said...

I wanna see the vid, baby. Of course, if you really look that wild in it then it will confuse the Ozzy Osbourne issue further ;0)

As for me, I could listen to you talk all day. LOVE the accent...and I never noticed a lisp.

Debz said...

I Love to listen to an Aussie accent! There is something very soothing about it....almost like a lullaby. Funny thing though when I hear an Aussie sing I don't pick up on the accent at all, or the Brit accent for that matter.
Ok now show the video!!

amy said...

thanks for the clarification...hahaha!

Ava's family said...

If I can't know the name....GIVE ME THE VIDEO!! Pleeeeeeeez! =)

Janet said...

I have always pronounced it "aw-ziy", like you do. Maybe that's because I'm Canadian....according to Americans, I have an accent too....LOL!

cougchick said...

That is funny. I'm glad I was pronouncing it correctly (in my mind). I have trouble with things like Pilates, Yosemite, etc. Always saying them wrong.

Love your new blog header. I could use some help. I put a new picture up and now it is taking up just the left side of the header. Grrrr. I don't have time to waste on it right now so it's just going to have to stay like that.

Have a good week, L-A.

sweet-P's Mum said...

g'day my ozzie friend...Aus-see...darn yanks cant get it right.

Now if only you can help them pronounce waTer, not wader!

a bloody kiwi livin in yanksville!

Chelley said...

LMAO hehehe

oh man!!!! So sorry but its just too funny!!!

while I was in the states one trip I had convinced a guy that the frits time I EVER wore clothes was when I came to America!!!

Kim said...

Boo! I've tagged you in a meme :)

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

LOL.. it never even occurred to me to think Ozzy Ozborne with your blog name. I automatically assumed Australia. Of course, I guess I shouldn't always assume that either.

I'd personally love to see a video of you talking. :0) I love listening to Eggrolls and Chopsticks talk with her English accent. I love all kinds of accents. Guess I could use that as one of my seven "things" about me. :0)