"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Sunday, 17 February 2008


No. No moving. Mr T is quite adamant. He does not want to move.

*sigh* Looks like I'll be driving across the city, approx 3 hrs a day, with 2 screaming, arguing or to the extreme~ ridiculously silly children.... soon to be 3. (Mini will be perfect, though - right?!!!) If you have children (more than one) between the ages of 4-14 I'm sure you have heard the following:
"You're on my side!"
"You touched me - go away!"
"That's mine - give it back"
"Muuuuum, H did thiiiss..."
"Muuuum, M did that"

"You're an idiot"
"No, you are" (repeat last 2 lines, about 10 times ~ before I explode in ranting about why calling someone an idiot is a horrible thing, why do you have to constantly argue? blah blah blah)

When I snap at my kids, I can totally hear my Mum in my voice. Poor Mum. I know exactly what you mean!!!! Just sitting in peak hour traffic, is enough to drive me mental, without having the kids dribbling on. I'll just have to keep going to my "happy place" ~ "I love our school, I love my home".

It's obviously not the right time to move... I hope the right time, comes soon!


Joannah said...

Oh, I'll be thinking of you! That's a lot of commuting to do with a car full of children.

Catherine said...

*ugh!* Sorry about that!

I once heard a great idea from a mum. Like you, she quickly tired of the kids arguing in the car so devised a plan that worked (most of the time) and quickly encouraged the kids not to argue.

Whenever they started to argue she would pull over to the side of the road, take out her novel and read 1 chapter. At first it meant they were often late for things but after missing/being late for things like scouts, swimming, hockey, and even school, she soon heard the kids start to rev up then say to one another, 'Shhh...it might be a long chapter and I don't want to miss xxx'

Don't know if this will help but I thought it was very creative.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I soooo remember those days. (both as a child with 6 brothers and sisters) and as a mother/step-mother with 5 children aged 10-18. UGH!!! Maddy will not be sharing the car with others (or anything else for that matter) so unfortunately we'll have the "single child syndrome" to contend with.

You need a "Calgon take me away" moment!

cougchick said...

Wow! I so, so get that! I like Catherine's suggestion. Too funny!

Chelley said...

So when are you going to buy the mini van?? That way you could put them at ARMS length from each other!!!

Hey what about a heilcopter?

Made in China said...

You could try and get a portable DVD player and let them watch movies in the car. It's the best invention ... :o)

Chelley said...

hey so if you are not moving can ya show us the house you liked anyways?????

it it on a real estate page?

Gen said...

Commute - what's a commute? HAH! Just a little country humor :)

I think the DVD is a good thing for those long rides - shoot get 2 of them. But I love catherine's story about the reading one chapter!!

And the move - when the time is right, everything will fall into place.


Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

Oh... how that is going to come back and haunt you/me/us... Mum, mum, mum... she is touching me etc etc to funny... then you are getting yourself into it a 3rd time... lol... as for you house... I want to move to a house down the street... it is a 2 story thing... nice too... though, Mike won't let me. When I first moved here and I saw it I said I wanted to live there... so, we are both in the same boat... wahhhh... take care