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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Just call me "Coach"

Yep. Another of my newly acquired gigs this year is coaching Miss M's basketball team. This is wrong on so many levels.

Firstly, I've never played basketball, and don't really know the rules. Secondly, Miss M is in Grade 5 - they didn't have enough players for the Grade 4-5 team, so she's been pushed up to the 6-7 team. I'm worried the "older" girls won't involve her, because she's "not one of them". I hope I'm just being silly, our school has wonderful students - but girls can be real cows sometimes. Thirdly, I've taken on being the "Uniform Shop Lady" (taking up at least 2 days a week) and Parent Rep (hopefully the other parent will do most of the organising, and I'll just be there for moral support) for Miss M's class as well this year, then there's reading with H-Man's class on Tues & Thurs afternoons.... that is, on top of all my normal work with our Company. Don't forget Girl Guides, Church, Sunday School, Basketball practices & matches, and I might just get to have the odd coffee with a girlfriend every now and then?!!

And I wonder why I can't sleep?!!! I went to bed around 1 last night, finally fell asleep around 2ish. Mr T's phone rang at 230, waking me up - I think I finally dozed off around 430am, and had to be up by 7, to be at school by 830am for our first basketball practice. My stomach is churning. I really don't want to be Coach....but no one else will do it, and I was kind "told" by the School office that I'd be fine.

Yeah right.


krj said...

Oh dribble... that would keep me up nights for sure. You have a lot on your plate. Good luck with the coaching :) I can't say as i envy you!

Linda said...

You want something done...ask the busy Mom..she always seems to find the time to do it...as for basketball, Just look for 1 or 2 assistant coaches to help out. hopefully they will know the rules..I'll bet the girls know them. You will do a great job as usual!!! Linda

Alyson & Ford said...

I am a former basketball coach - and with that said I wish I lived closer so I could give you a helping hand!

You'll do great. Have them work on free throws, layups, dribbling with someone guarding them and passing the ball to teammates. Remember to tell them to come towards the ball when it's being passed to them. So important! That way it will not be stolen by the other team.

Good luck :)


Chelley said...

hehe you will now have to get the mini van so you can carry the b/ball team around!!!

I am sure you will do a great JOB!!

Janet said...

Oh dear! I do NOT envy you! That doesn't sound like much fun. But maybe it'll be more fun than you think? Thanks for doing it, it's people like you that make things tick!

Chelley said...

SO how was it Coach?