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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bag Lady

As you know, I'm a bored housewife. HA! Correction, I'm an easily distracted housewife!!!
If you read the post below, you'd know that I was drooling over some gorgeous handmade bags on Et.sy. And since I've got so much time up my sleeve (HA!) I thought, rather than blow $100 on a bag, online, I'd attempt to make one! (*insert fear and trembling!*)

So I whisked the kids off to the local Mega Super Fabric Store (note: not actual name!), and surprise surprise they were having a 30% off all stock sale! Yay! I looked through about 13 pattern books, before finding, anything remotely like, what I wanted! Miss M, being my chief fabric chooser, was quickly demoted, after picking some pretty hideous stuff! H-Man was nowhere to be seen, as he'd found a cardboard fabric roll and was running around somewhere pretending to be a ninja, weaving in and out of the fabric stands. Joy.

I found the "main" fabric for the bag, Miss M found the stripes, and I finished the lining off with a pink/white gingham (which I forgot to take a photo of!) I found some ribbon to trim the front pocket, and picked a hot pink zip. OK. All set. Ended up purchasing 2 patterns, just in case I get all excited and decide to make another bag one day!!! (again)HA! We walked out 30 mins later, $34 lighter.

So here 'tis. 4 hours of hard labour. Several boo-boos, and ingenious "OziMum Fix-its"...

I'm proud. It certainly won't be knocking up a hundred to sell on e.b@.y but I'm happy to use it!
It's way smaller than I thought it would be... and no, it's not because of my mistakes!!! They happened around the joining of the zip/handle area... I'm pretty sure I covered it up! BUT... the smaller size has really grown on me! I've put 2 nappies, a bodysuit, and bib inside and there is still HEAPS of room in there! And stuck a bottle in the front pocket... just so it looks like a baby's bag!

This is the back...

I made the handle longer than the pattern, coz I like to wear single handled bags, "across" me. Plus I wanted to make sure it'd fit onto my (boxed up) pram handle!

PS The patterns were the expensive bit, I think they were $14 each! And I still have enough fabric left to make another bag... so it was worth it... ALTHOUGH, I was consumed with making the bag, I missed the CSI (Vegas) Season Opener (Warrick died? And Sara came back? I only know that coz I saw the ad!) Was so ticked when I saw it was 1020pm... but really, the bag was worth it?! I'm sure Mini will thank me, one day?!

Another smidge of trivia for you... do you know how many times, I've nearly let slip our "girls" name?!!! I'm sure I'll type it one day, and forget to edit it to Mini!!! Also, have new "poll" in sidebar, if you care to vote!


Chelley said...

OMGoodness how sweet is that!!!

I really amzed you have a hidden talent!! How long did it take you to put together??????

VERY VERY impressed!!!
YOu know you are going to have a lot of people at there wanting one!!!

I am putting my dibs in if you go in to business!!! I WANT ONE!!!!

Emma said...

Talent, skill, dedication, patience, persistence! The bag looks great, congrats!

Ava's family said...

Considering the fact that I can't even sew a button on.....I'm SUPER impressed! My gawd woman, what CAN'T you do??!!! I LOVE the fabric!

I'm just watching a waiting for you to slip and type Mini's name! =)

Rhonda said...

I love that, seriously...and I'm not one to drop compliments easily.

3D said...

Love it! You are mucho talented!

Keep smilin!

Briana's Mom said...

That is soooo cute! Love it!

rubyiscoming said...

You are SOOO talented! I can't even darn a sock :)

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

You are good..
Didn't know you could sew.. can you come and teach me..
Have a Great Day girly...

Polar Bear said...

Holy Cow!!! You just whipped that up?!?!?! I am SO impressed. I couldn't do that if I wanted to.

PIPO said...

Snappy bag, ewe talented Aussie! I am very impressed.

Yeah, they killed off my eye-candy Warrick. I am neurotic and touchier than usual these days so I sobbed for a solid hour after his eulogy was read.

Cristina said...

Ooh, very yummy bag. You clever thing you!

Monica said...

That bag is so COOL!!! I love it!!!

My daughter is big into making messenger bags completely out of vivid lime green and torquoise blue DUCT TAPE these days!