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Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Long weekend

It was our Labour Day long weekend, last weekend. I enjoyed the pure bliss of rolling out of bed after 9! We went to a friend's son's 21st on Sat night, but made it an early one - as it was the start of daylight saving here, I HATE missing an hour of sleep!!

Sunday we went to Church, my brother came over so I could make him a Birthday Dinner! And we went up to check out our block. The crop has been harvested, so we can get a good look at the land now. Our neighbours, up there, have just poured the slab for their house and said there is just one word to describe the area/land ~ "ROCK". Great. Slap another $20,000 on the house cost for the foundation.

On Monday, I slept in.... ahhhh... did some boring household chores, picked up Mr T's Dad went out for lunch, then went and looked at some display homes (the budget ones). They were ok. But with these "budget" homes, they hit you hard for any upgrades (door handles, taps, doors). So it'll probably end up costing about the same as the more "upmarket" builders!! Typical. Anyway, we looked at this house, and really liked it. Its got lots on built in cupboards, a third toilet (handy when guests come), a big kitchen, and lots of windows in the kitchen, family/rumpus room areas to maximise the view. But going from our past track record... it probably won't be our final decision!!! Who ever thought choosing a plan would be so hard?

No new news on our current house. No buyers. And with the world economy crashing down, the general public are like bunnies hit with headlights! Stunned and too scared to move. We're thinking we may take it off the market. Just stay here for another year or so. Get Mini settled in, then move. So far it's cost us about $6,000 for advertising and Agent's costs. I'm not happy. Maybe we should cut our losses, before it gets too much higher, without any further prospects?

And lastly...


Dad (and I'm the baby! check out all that hair!)

Dad walks me down the aisle, 20 years later

Another 15 years flies by... Dad sits with my kids!

I really do value each day with my Dad. When I was about 3, he was diagnosed with advanced Hodgkins Disease, and given 9 months to live. That was 33 years ago. He then had a tumour in his chest 5 years after that. Miracles do happen ~ I am so grateful that God's mercy does, indeed endure forever.


a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy birthday, Ozimom's dad!!!

Oh, and as an American, I'll say you're very welcome for the current financial mess of our world. (That was sarcasm, if you didn't pick up on that. Sigh. Yet another reason to feel embarrassed to be an American at the moment. I love my country. I really do. But come on, y'all!)

Janet said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!!!!!!!

PIPO said...

Awww...happy birthday to your dad! (and how stinkin' cute are you in those pictures???)

Yup, financial/economy suckage bites. I understand and if you move or remain where you are it will all work out for your family and new addition. Hey, as long as the queen sheep is with her special herd then who really cares about the other details?

Smooches, pal.

3D said...

Happy Birthday!!

Keep smilin!

amy said...

Hope your dad has a wonderful birthday

Elisa. said...

Happy Birthday to your dad, wow he sure is a miracle..nothing keeps him down.

As for the house thing..wow we must be twins or something as last week I said to my hubby...should we take the house off the market as the market is just dead.
We have three weeks left on the contract with our realtor so i'll guess we will just let that run out and see what happens financially!

pugmama said...

Happy 60th Birthday dad!!!

Special K said...

My mom's birthday was Monday. She just turned 60, too! Happy birthday to your Pops. :)

PS. OMG... you're gonna get a baby real soon. So many of my favorite bloggers are right on the cusp. So exciting!!

Alyson & Ford said...

It just takes one buyer for your house - maybe reevaluate what distinguishes from others on the market? Sometimes just one "perk" will make it sell ahead of others (like a paid memebrship to a pool? Or a free freezer? Little things that really don't cost much in the big picture. Sorry if you didn't want the advice... we are thinking of selling too.

Happy Birthday to Ozimom's Dad! Way to go to 60!

Mommy to Alyzabeth

rubyiscoming said...

Great photos - happy bday!

Did you see Shannon's news today about referrals? WOW!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

I heard over here (why rumour of course) in the US about another 'surprise' referral date... the 16th... thought of you straight away... knowing it is sneaking up to your day...