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Monday, 13 October 2008

Been thinking...

Mr T has been tied up with work, so I've had alot of "alone time", of late. Which is never very good, coz I think too much!!

What's been on my mind?!
* Digital Scrapbooking (I didn't say it was "important matter of State" or anything!!!) I've wanted to do Digital Scrapbooking, forever. I just didn't have the right software, and couldn't be bothered finding out more about it! Well, I purchased Ph0t0sh0p Elements v6 on E.b@y yesterday, then moved onto to check out some gorgeous "digi kits"... here's what I purchased
From Sunshine Studios:
Zen Panda Kit
Princess Kit
Farmyard Kit
From Peppermint Creatives:
Candy Fairway
Rebel Elements and Matching Paper
Chinese Charms
Chrome Lettering
And this pack was FREE! So I had to add that in too!

I'm so excited! I can't wait to get my PSE6 in the mail, so I can play!!! I'm hoping to "Announce" Mini on a Digital Scrapbook page! I have no idea what I'm doing... so we'll see if I can make it happen?!

*Houses. Yep I'm still spending hours, looking over different plans and crunching the $$ numbers. We visited some people the other day, and they'd moved into their new house, just 4 weeks prior. We absolutely loved their design! It was so open and spacious. So my new favourite house, is a similar plan to theirs, with the same builder. I would show you the plan, but we want to make several alterations to the plan - so its not really worth showing?!! On our "current" house. I've seen 5 cars, stop and read our sign in the last 2 days.... PLEASE God, let one of them have money!

*Benchtops. Well, that's all tied in with the house plan, business. What benchtop should I have? I'm loving a "Wild Birch" timber look laminate, Mr T likes the black granite looking one. Tiles. I think I'll go white... just don't know what shape yet! (I think big rectangle ones, for the bathroom... still haven't decided on kitchen!)

*Nappy Bags. (or diaper bags if you're not from Australia!) I was on Et.sy for a few hours yesterday morning, looking at "handmade bags". There was lots of "Oooo Ahhh!" coming out of my mouth! Gy.psy R0se makes absolutely gorgeous bags - I'm waiting to hear if she'll ship to Aust. I bought a red chinese brocade bag from T@r.get a few months ago... and already, I'm looking for something else?! There truly is something wrong with me!!! Here's the thing. Our stroller and jogger pram, are still in their boxes. I didn't want to get them out, til we had our referral (just in case we're allocated a 5 year old Italian speaking boy ;) ~ PIPO knows what i'm talking about!!!) So... I can't see if my red Chinese bag will fit over the handles. The bag has twin handles, and they don't seem very long to me? I've spied this one. I'm thinking "messenger" style bag may be the way to go? I'm not into "flaps" - I wanna get straight in there, without mucking around! (geez... that doesn't sound very savoury, does it?!)
I'm loving these too:
Black & White
Pink / Cream / Green Floral
Pink / Brown Floral

*My car. FINALLY after taking it into the Dealer 3 times... they've decided to actually order the part and fix it. It should be going back in sometime this week. Its a pain in the butt. I absolutely love my car. I'm sooo happy with it. It looks sexy. Drives like a dream. Kids love it. I've already used the "extra" back seats 4 times! The engine light thing is just inconvenient. But I've been reassured by the Dealer, that the "problem" won't effect how the car drives at all - it may use more fuel than normal. I'll take out a second mortgage, shall I?!

*Mini. Of course, Mini. When has he/she ever been out of my mind?!!! Been thinking alot about boys. (once again, not sounding very savoury, hey?!!) I mean - if Mini is a boy! I still don't think he is - only because I keep going in and looking at Mini's FULL wardrobe of PINK! Oh what to name him?! I think I've decided on a name - then I change my mind!!! And it's not just me, it's Mr T too! He'll say he likes a name. I think about it for a few days, then say, Yeah! That's good - what about a middle name, and he says "I didn't say I liked that?!!!" What the?!!!
We seem to like one syllable names (for boys). So I want a 2 syllable middle name. Give me some suggestions!!! Only stipulation, the first name can't be "common"!!! No Zac's, Joshua's, Connor's, Jake's, Samuel's, or Jack's!!! I love all those names... but we are surrounded by dozens of them! Our surname begins with "SH" so - so no names ending in SH... like Josh - it's just too much SH! Now that I've narrowed your choice down to two names... let me have it!


PIPO said...

Four words: 'You need your referral'

So much time to think and think and think :0)

Hey, Jack is my 'boy' name. I'll reveal it because I am fairly sure I won't be using it.


Julie said...

Can't wait to see your digi pages!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I love all the digital pages.. I sooo wish I knew how to make those pages..
can't wait to see them finished..
You have been busy..
Love the diaper bags..
Have a Great Week..

Janet said...

Middle names....


What? You no like? Picky, picky.

Shannon said...

I was going with James Patrick if it was a girl. Names of my uncle and dad. I'm dating a Matthew so I'm partial to that name right now! Matthew's look good in pink, right?! =) Oh I so can't wait til you get your referral!

Polar Bear said...

You and Mr. T sound EXACTLY like R and I when we are discussing names. I laughed out loud reading that. We are going round and round with names, both boy and girls. It's crazy!

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that one of your sign looky-loos will have money and make an offer!

sea star said...

There is something to be said about being close to referral and doing a lot of thinking!

I love my software and wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm doing a recipe book and love the recipe download for CM.

I'm thinking you have to much pink to need a boy name, but I guess preparedness is what the experts preach.

Briana's Mom said...

I don't know how your mind wouldn't be spinning right now. You have so much on your plate! All good stuff - but lots of it!

Chelley said...

I was only jsut going to email you and ask if you had your digi prob yet!!!!!

I see someone who is going to be spending a lot of time on the computer LOL!!!!

Have you made any pages ????

hoganfe said...

Your digi kits are amazing can't wait to see what you do!
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