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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Are we in there?

THIS is the Matching Room. Its where the miracles happen!

I hope we've made it off the shelf and onto someone's desk! Oooo it's just spine tingling to think that our Mini's file is in the same room as ours?!! Come on [[AA! All you have to do, is open our file and put a baby file in it.... come on.... it's not that hard?!!!

They did it for Shannon!!! She has finally seen the face of her daughter, Ellie! It's SO exciting to see Feb families finally seeing their kiddies! I've been following these blogs for 3+ years!!! It just gives me tingles!
For the record... I'm only going to read Rum0ur Queens posts, and not read the comments anymore. I think I'm a pretty "thick-skinned" person, but I still get offended. What is most offensive is that people hide their "slandering" behind words like "I'm just being honest"... then say they know they are going to offend people. My question is "Why say it at all, if you know you're going to offend people"? Its just bad manners.
My Mum always said "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all". My Mum is a wise lady.
I asked Rum0ur Qeen if she could make a new "Babies" post for all the 16th Feb allocations! I'm STILL shaking about the "surprise" babies!!! It is just so exciting, I can't stand it!!!


Shannon said...

I skimmed thru the angst driven comments as well and saw your post. I think there are only 17 referrals in this batch (my guess is we were given the wrong LID). Anyways...I know three of my group don't post/blog-hopefully a few others will eventually. Until then, Ellie is available for you to blow virtual kisses to and pinch cheeks! =) Counting down til you finally see Mini!

PIPO said...

We are getting so close, I no longer have bladder control. I just thought you should know that ;0)

jenny said...

Hey there....it's RedJen from the RQ site, and I'm with you, the comments have been overwhelming. Just wanted to let you know I was one to get the Feb 16 call, but no referral has arrived yet, not sure why. Yours is getting close! Keeping you in my prayers.


Janet said...


It's SO exciting!!!!You are soooo close! I hope, unlike PIPO, that you have bladder control. 'Cause it could get kinda messy, otherwise....

Polar Bear said...

It gives me a chill to think how close you and Pipo are!!!! It is FINALLY starting to feel real! I beat all your file on someone's desk right now. :) Woooo Hoooooo!

Polar Bear said...

Holy Cow!!!

I really need to proof read before hitting send! That should say, "I bet your file is on someone's desk right now!"

Sorry. :o)

sea star said...

I am so confused with Shannon's referral, she certainly is a beauty to look at while we wait....but you are so close!!!

Linda said...

I think I see your file on that desk over there!!! I just know referrals will be out at end of Oct..Just a feeling... Praying your's is in this group!! We need to get over Feb..Everyone has waited long enough. Shannon's little one is so precious and what a wonderful surprise... Keep the faith!!! Linda