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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Still matching

Apparently CC.AA are still matching. I'm kinda thinking, IF we are in this next batch of referrals, we won't see our referral til next week. What's another week, when we've waited nearly 4 years?!! If they send the referrals out in the next couple of days, our Agencey MAY get it by Friday. I'm pretty sure, the file will need to be translated, and we won't get a call, until AFTER the file is translated. So at a guess, we could hear something around next Wed... if we're in!

When I wake up every morning, my first thought is Rum0ur Qeen! I also check it right before I go to bed (as USA is awake when I'm asleep!) My stomach churns, something fierce, and I'm sweaty and clammy!!

Today, I'm extra "nervy" as our Church wants Mr T & I to come in and do a little "testimonial DVD", on our marriage breakup/divorce and our re-marriage! I really don't know that I'm in a great frame of mind, to be doing that - all I can think about, right now, is Mini!!! I am worried about it though - what if I say/look ridiculous?!! What should I wear?!!!


Polar Bear said...

1. I am so excited about this batch of referrals. I haven't felt like this in years - literally YEARS - and I'm not even close. But YOU and PIPO are, not to mention several others I 'know'!!!!

2. You will be great at the testimonial! It might be a good way to get your mind on something else for 30 seconds or so. ;o)


Shannon said...

I want Mini in this batch, too!!
You will be so helpful to others with your testimonial. Hang in there! =)

Made in China said...

Common referrals!!! Hang in there ... breathe ... you are in referral labor! Hee hee!

Ava's family said...

I think it's a good sign that they're STILL matching....Could it mean MORE babies this month??!!!
I'm so excited for you!!

amy said...

I can not wait to hear your good news!

sea star said...

I hear ya on the RQ checking....bring on the babies!!!!

Chelley said...

Common referrals!!! Sounds like you are about ready to climb the walls! better go make another scrapbook page!

Jenn said...

Still keeping our fingers crossed for you that you will be in this batch. ...and partially for selfish reasons-I want to know what you are going to name that child!!!!! :)

Janet said...

Wear black leather. Lots of it. They'll all be so distracted by that, they won't even know what you're talking about.

As for the matching....GET ON IT WITH ALREADY, CCAA!!!!! C'mon! There are people waaaaaiting!