"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Papers through!

...Our re-registration papers, that is! Yay! We've been "re-approved"!

This particular line in our letter, jumped off the page and slapped me in the face
"I am pleased to inform you that your registration as prospective adoptive parents has been renewed and you are eligible to be considered for the placement of a single female child aged 0-18 months from China."

My heart was quietened! We've been specifically approved for a female child! Just when I think we've settled on a boys name?!!

But then my busy mind started thinking.... with our Agency, when the allocation comes in, they will only ring us, if they think the child is suited to us. For instance, if we're allocated a "special needs" child, they may not ring us - as we've not indicated that we're prepared to take on a special needs child. This whole thing, has got me a bit hot under the collar... surely its up to US to decided whether we're capable of caring for ANY child?!!! Maybe I'm reading more into it, than I should? I know our Govt is extremely fussy about "special needs". But I started to think... maybe they won't ring us if we're allocated a son?

Yes... I think, I'm thinking about it too much.

Did you know it's the 23rd? We COULD be seeing our child in about a week's time?!!! Its funny, you know, I've been putting things into my calendar - there's lots happening at school, and now I think "ooo, what if we get "the call" when I'm at Sports Day, or on excursion"?!!! I'm sure that finally seeing your child after 4 years of praying and waiting, constitutes an emergency?!!


Briana's Mom said...

You are definitely in the "what if" phase. I went through it too! I am sure it will all work out just fine!

Ava's family said...

I just read on RQ that an agency said matching has begun! You're getting closer!!!!!

PIPO said...

Oh girl, I am about to simply lose my mind for all of us nearing the edge. You have a real chance this time. I am counting on the next round but wow oh wow oh wow oh...gotta throw up.

I am so exited.

Cristina said...

Don't get too complacent about the approval for a girl OziMum- China tends to disregard these things with alarming regularity!

Cristina xxx

Jen said...

Oh I am so excited, too. Maybe in a week we'll see the faces of our little ones. I could just scream with excitement, but then dh would think I've lost it. I think I'll try to stay calm.


Congrats on getting your papers!! That is a blessing! I sent off a nice e-mail Monday night begging to be expedited. So far I haven't gotten a reply. OH my!

Polar Bear said...

I would most certainly consider THAT call an emergency. I think my world will stop when THAT phone call comes in ~ it better any way! ;o)

Congrats on getting your papers through! It's so VERY exciting!!!!