"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Monday, 27 October 2008

Keeping busy!

What's that saying about "idle hands"?!! I can't remember... but I know if I stay idle, my mind will run wild, my stomach will churn, and I'll be a big basketcase!

So... I whipped this up, when we got home from school today! I love it! How cute is my baby?!! She's 11 now!!! Not quite so "cutesie" but still a pretty good lookin' chick, which worries me a bit, she's a huge hit with all the boys in her class! She's often the only girl invited to the boy's birthday parties!!! I'm hoping she's more "tomboy" than "floozie"?!!

Now, I better go make one of the little man, or I'll be done, for being a "favourites" mother?!!

**I woke up this morning thinking "referrals"... my stomach was churning something fierce!** Hopefully there'll be some rumours floating around tomorrow?!
DONE IT! I just love these beach pics of H-Man... it took about 5 mins to throw together... yeah, you can probably tell! Not so many "elements" in this one, just gorgeous pics of my little fella! Its hard to pic a fav. pic - but I love the one of him running - it captures the "essence of H-man"!

Can you tell, I'm really "gettin' into" this digital scrapbooking deal?!! I bought another couple of kits last night! I was a bit crappy though - our AUS$ has shrunk to a mere 60USc!! Bummer! It was up to about 93USc about a month ago!!! Better lay off the Gymb0. and US shopping sites now!!!


Polar Bear said...

Love your scrapbook pages!!
I don't have a CLUE how to scrapbook, but I love what others can do. :)

Linda said...

Love your pages!!! You sure have learned this quickly... I can't wait to see the Mini pages... Fingers and toes crossed for referrals this week...Linda

Janet said...

Our dollar is pathetic against the American dollar right now too...so I'm staying away from shopping too.....:-(

Love the pages!

sea star said...

I woke up with referrals on the brain and have been to the RQ site 4 times already.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the pages...
I sooo wish I could figure it out..
I sooo hope referrals hurry up...
just got done checking RQ..
Have a Great Day..

Shannon said...

You are rockin' on those pages! Keep those hands busy and let's bring on the referrals! =)

Briana's Mom said...

Love your pages! Can you believe you may be seeing Mini's face in a few days? So exciting!!!

Debz said...

Awesome job!
Your babies are always cute...no matter how old...just don't tell their friends that!
I bought a CD a few months ago for DS but haven't had much luck.
Praying for a big batch!

Chelley said...

Look at you~~~~?~? You are getting really good!!!
LOVE LOVE your pages!!!!