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Friday, 21 November 2008

16 Years

You still got what it takes, Baby!

The spunky bloke in the photo brought these home, for me! Awww.... so sweet!

#1 daughter made these for us... I love 'em!

I bought my man a "T0p Gear" boxed DVD set... I know the way to my man's heart... (through a gear box!!!)

**EDIT** What's a girl to do, when her man is racing on their Wedding Anniversary? GO SHOPPING!!! Especially when a certain store has 40% OFF ALL CLOTHING!!! I bought 3 massive bags full (no surprises there?!!... and NO! not all for me, some is for Christmas Pressies!) Here are my top 3 bargains:

Long Sleeve Tee for ME! Broke the bank at $3... perfect for a chilly China winters day, No?!!
ITS A BOY?!!! No worries, got that covered! Total out of pocket expense $3 each!

Last, but certainly not least... cute lil tee. Bargain of the Day at only $1.43


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy 16 years..
Love the picture..
Have a Great Weekend..

Elisa. said...

Happy Anniversary!

Wow and what's not to love about Top Gear..what a great show!

No, no news on our house either.
We are leaving it on the market for the moment although it will be dead (not that it has not been already) until the spring.

Linda said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Love your daughters gift..That is very special...Linda

M3 said...


Julie said...


PIPO said...

Happy Anny to ewe two cuties.

Hmm...don't know a thing about Top Gear...some days I feel like I live in a box.

Rhonda said...

Happy anniversary!

Liene said...

Happy 16th!! We're only 3 1/2 yrs behind. The flowers are beautiful!!! The cutouts are too cute!

Janet said...

HAPPY 16th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Briana's Mom said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!! The cards your daughter made are so adorable!!!

Chelley said...

Happy Anniversary :O)

Looks like you have got your shopping back

sea star said...

Happy 16th anniversary to you and your racing bloke!