"Adopting a Child won't change the world; but for that Child the world will change."

Monday, 3 November 2008

Sending out the vibe...

Still no news. Urgh.

In an effort to send good "baby vibes" across the ocean, I did what I said I wouldn't do (til we got our referral) - and put our little one's jogger pram together! Here's how you put a $38 e.ba.y jogger together...

Step One:

Retrieve dusty dented box from shed. (sneeze 20 times, from all the dust up your nose, then blow all dust from your nose, into a Kleenex!)

Step Two:

Open box.... Oooo-Aaaah over plastic covered contents.

Step Three:

Remove pieces from box, remove plastic, and lay all pieces on the floor. Ooo's and ahhh's have now change to "oh crap, does this thing have an alan key"?!!

Step Four:

Open main part of pram, and attach front swivel wheel to front forks.... (more oh craps! hope I've put this on tight enough!)

Step Five:

Fix "brake" bar to back forks, and "smack" each back wheel on. (it said til the click, but I smacked it with my hand to get it on, so I didn't hear it click!!!) It doesn't appear, it's going to come off.... all must be well.

Step Six:

Attach "parent tray" and "baby tray"... ooo goodie, I have a tray?!!!

Step Seven:

Voila! Its done! It goes UP.... It goes DOWN!
Step Eight:

Mini (ha!) enjoys a ride! (oh and I'm not sure if you can see - but I've put in a "pramliner" that I bought about 3 years ago - it's mint green with Classic Pooh on it. I love Classic Pooh. Now, its nice and squishy and comfy.... and hopefully if Mini makes a mess, I can throw Classic Pooh liner into washing machine and pram will still look good as new!....hopefully!
I know I'm ridiculously excited about a new pram... after Mini has been home 2 weeks, the novelty will have worn off, I'll be ticked off about how heavy the darn thing is to throw in the back of the car!!!


Chelley said...

Very nice!!! Mini looks VERY cute in it!!!

Looks like a lot of fun.... And a tray! wow how cool!

BABY Dust Vibes that this is YOUR WEEK!!

Ava's family said...

I also have to chime in the Mini looks ADORABLE in her new ride!

You know I'm sending out the "baby vibes" to you girlfriend!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Just know you may not get over it... the first time we went to the zoo as a family, I became irrationally irritable with the husband. Couldn't figure out what was going on and then - wham! - it hit me. I wanted to push the stroller, but he was doing it. I had waited a long time to push that stroller and needed to do it - uphill even. Totally embarrassing, I know, but there it was. I told the husband. I got to push. And then I was happy.

Rhonda said...

Nice stroller! Very cute that "Mini" got a ride. ;)

Catherine said...

What fun! You're so close and now that your have this great stroller in your home it must seem all the more real! Wheee! Bring on referrals!

PIPO said...


I installed my carseat yesterday (another little one will need to be using it while taxiing about).

Now, I should blow the dust and cobwebs off that box containing jogger stroller I received as a gift for Christmas 2005. Heh, the tires are probably dry-rotted. Maybe I'll strap one of the 980 dolls (okay, an exagerration) in it and take it for a spin. The neighbors already think I'm weird.

We need some news already...this waiting is starting to feel like repeated pin pricks to the eyeball! (not that I have actually felt that but it sounds pretty awful).

Pug Mama said...

awesome stroller!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Bring on the babies..
Can't wait...

Polar Bear said...

'Mini' is adorable! Love the pram! I hope the vibe works!!!

Janet said...

I just love that you call it a "Pram". Tee hee. That looks like a lot of work. Glad you got it together....

Can't WAIT to hear more.....

Cristina said...

Sending good vibes and hugs - and, BTW, nice pram!!!

Cristina xx