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Sunday, 2 November 2008

Busy Saturday!

Sorry for my ranting in the last post. I hate being a whinger... but I just couldn't help it Friday night!!!

Anyway - moving onto happier times! On Saturday H-man had his birthday party (11 days after his birthday!) ~ he was very happy to have it later, as he got to be the birthday boy longer!!! We invited about 12 kids from school, but 4 ended up having some weird virus (high temps, headaches and nausea) so we only ended up with 8 kids (+ our 2!) H-man wanted to watch St@r W@rs Cl0ne W@rs . I wanted to do the party before his birthday, in the School Holidays, but rang the cinema and they took it off 2 days before school holidays started???!!!! What's with that?!!! I wasn't very happy. Mr T had a business trip to Indonesia, and was able to pic up a genuine B@li copy!!! Oh, but it's not a copy (if you ask them!!!) ;)

The kids played "pin the light sabre on Y0da" (instead of pin the tail on the donkey!) - I'm pretty sure the kid that won, cheated, since he very carefully put it right on "the spot". We had beanbags and matress on the floor, put the movie on the "projector" which beams up, covering the entire wall! They had their pizza while watcing the movie... well all 20 mins that they actually stayed there watching the movie!!! They all went outside tourmenting the poor dogs!! The boys went to H-man's room, recovered every weapon he owns... and I didn't dare go see what they were doing with the weapons (although I did the responible parent thing, and told them not to hit each other, or the dogs). I was a slacker and bought a mud cake platter, which had a big mud cake in the middle and mud cake cupcakes around the edge! We just stuck st@r w@rs figures all over it!!! With sports day on the Friday, I really didn't want the added pressure of coming up with a cake master piece... the mud cake went down very well!

The kids left 2 hrs after they got there, with the chocka-block full lolly bags! And once again, peace was restored!

Daddy bought himself a new toy!

Quiet Sunday afternoon...

I named this one "waiting".... this is how I feel at the moment... waiting at the gate. The photo of me, was actually taken while we were waiting for a taxi in the lobby of a hotel in Beijing!


Linda said...

Sounds like H-Man had a great time. Give a bunch of boys room to run and they are fine. Give them a great cake and it doesn't matter if you made it or not... He is certainly a handsome guy... I'm still praying since no rumors that they are going to match past the 20th and surprise us all. With prayers that you are in....Linda

Pug Mama said...

what a cool -party!!!

PIPO said...

Ahhhh...good busy stuff.

No - I don't know anything you don't (re: the 4 LIDS left on my blog). I just figured the rumor is right and had a moment to update. I'd love to be wrong and have to change it to 0 days left...or at least 2 days left.

Chelley said...

Wow sounds like a LOVELY party!! and only two hours wow!!!!

Your pages are coming along in huge leaps and bounds!!! LOVE them all but the one with you in it WOW blew me away

Polar Bear said...

I want to come to a party at your house!! What fun!!!

By the way, you don't EVER have to apologize for ranting!! We have all been there and know the feeling. Well, I am sure your feelings are a bit different now being that you're so close, but you know what I mean. :)

I love your scrapbook pages. Cool new toy!
I hope your Sunday was a bit more restful!

Chelley said...

How did you watermakr the pic of yourself?????